Anabolic Cooking Review

Not all diets are created equal. That’s why choosing the right diet can make the difference between you losing a few pounds or shedding a lot more. It can also make the difference between being able to stay on one for a sustained period of time or just give up after a week or so.

While most diet plans out there are designed to help people lose weight. There are some people who are looking to do the opposite. These are those who need to gain weight or are into bodybuilding. In this case packing on the extra pounds is the goal instead of losing it. In either type of diet, whether you’re looking to gain or lose weight, the main goal it get rid of the fat and keep the muscle as much as possible.

In this article we review the Anabolic Cooking program by David Ruel. In case his name is familiar, he is also the writer of the Metabolic Cooking cookbook.

What is Anabolic Cooking?

Sample DishesThe Anabolic Cooking program is designed to help you add muscle to your frame. The author who is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness coach is known to bring results for himself and his clients.

Compared to Metabolic Cooking where Ruel demonstrates meal plans and recipes that help you lose weight, in this one you’ll be eating healthy to add bulk cleanly.

Of course, there’s always the usual dirty bulk that bodybuilders use where they chomp on just about anything to gain weight and in the process muscle. This may work for powerlifters where aesthetics don’t matter as much but when you’re into body building and sculpting your muscles, doing a dirty bulk will mean having to follow that up with a period of cutting to take off the excess fat. With anabolic cooking David Ruel helps you gain muscle with minimal fat.

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The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook: A Closer Look

For those who’ve purchased the author’s other publications, this comes in a similar value for money package. You get a lot more download ready books in pdf form that are packed with knowledge and information.

While there are a lot of books. It’s a good idea to go through them because you get different tips and bits of data that really help you understand the entire system as well as how your body works.

The cookbook itself is a set of books, in pdf format as mentioned earlier. This lets you quickly access it no matter if you’re on a PC or Mac. Here are the books you get.

  1. Quick Start Guide – this is the best place to start specially if you’re a beginner. It introduces the reader to food and nutrition, and in turn how they affect your fitness. It is geared toward those into bodybuilding who want to get increase muscle mass, and gives you tips on things like ingredients, meal preparation and even cheat meals.
  2. Anabolic Cooking Cookbook – here is where you’ll find the recipes and ingredients needed to prepare them. There are over 200 recipes included in the cookbook that are geared towards promoting muscle growth and fat loss. The dishes were also chosen such that they are easy to prepare and tasty.
  3. Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans – these work in conjunction with the recipes and food lists. The meal plans tell you when and how much to eat giving you the ability pick up the recipes from the cookbook. The meal and diet plans are structured so that they are “no-brainers”. The samples are provided and just follow them for gaining lean muscle mass.
  4. Calorie Calculator – this guide helps you figure out how much to eat for your current weight and the size you want to get to. This is a very important factor to get the proper weight and mass since not eating enough will hamper growth.
  5. Cooking and Training Log – helps you keep track of your workouts and your meals. This contains log sheets to use to record day to day activities.
  6. The Ugly Truth About Supplements – this is a supplemental report included to give you the low down on supplements. There are a lot of them that are just marketing gimmicks that have you wasting your money without giving your real results.

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Included in the package are unlimited lifetime updates. This means that as the program in improved over time you get automatic updates to any new developments and publications. This is possible because the books are in pdf and offered online, which may not be the same for hardbound books.

The Anabolic Cooking program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the product or the results.

The Recipes List

Anabolic Cooking Recipes

Anabolic Cooking Review Summary

This program was created for those looking to add muscle to their bodies without packing in a lot of extra fat. By using lean muscle mass meal plans and fat loss meal plans, the system lets you gain weight in the form of muscle by eating properly. This includes eating meals regularly throughout the day to feed your body, eating healthy food at the right amounts and avoiding junk food so you don’t end up getting fat instead of muscular.

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