Jump Manual Review and Results

The Jump Manual

Over the years, basketball has become a more athletic sports. You’ll see this with the many jump manual reviews around as everyone wants to soar through the air like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and dunk like they do.

Now in terms of height and God given ability, not everyone can be born with what NBA players have. That’s in genetics and out of your control.

Jump Training

But what you do have in your control is the ability to find the proper tools and training to improve yourself. More importantly you should follow through on that and do the work to get better. Jumping higher is one of those things that you can work on to get better. And with time and effort you’ll see improvements in your vertical leap. But you need to do it correctly so you don’t waste time or worse get injured in the process.


I Got Lots of Poor and Wrong Advice

Like everyone, I wanted to learn how to jump higher. But for a long time I didn’t really know how. There were a lot of people who gave me poor advice. And looking back now those were a waste of time.

You name it, I tried it. Some guy recommended using ankle weights, another told me just to keep jumping many times everyday. I can’t say these things didn’t work but for the effort and time spent on them, you can really do much better than gaining a few measly inches after sweating your heart out after months. If I had to give those guys reviews, they wouldn’t be great.

Finally, Something That Works

It was after trying a number of free advice from guys who could jump high that I decided to try out the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller. It was only after reading positive reviews did I finally give it a shot.

Looking back I should have done this instead of asking those guys who I saw could jump high. It turns out a lot of those guys were just naturally gifted and didn’t need training to get there, just like some guys you know that don’t workout but are stronger and bigger than everyone else.


12 Week Jump Manual Results

Jacob Hiller Jump ManualYes, the Jump Manual program runs for 12 weeks so you’ll need to dedicate yourself to it. This is not a quick fix that you do for 3 to 4 days and you’ll see yourself adding inches to your vertical jump. If you’re looking for that, I’m sorry I can’t help you, neither can Jacob Hiller or maybe anyone else.

To break it down, the program runs in mini cycles. Each cycle spans for 2 weeks. During this 2 weeks, there is a set program that you follow. What I love about it is everything is laid out for you. He explains what to do, when to do it and why you’re doing it.

When the 2 weeks are up, you repeat the cycle, but this time with increased intensity. In total you do the 2 week cycle for 6 times, which amounts to the 12 weeks.

I was so happy when I measured my jump after the last day. All in, I gained a little over 9 inches in my vertical jump. Hard work finally paid off. This was more than 3 years ago and I still go back to it every now and then to do some of the exercises to maintain my jump.

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What’s the Jump Manual About?

The Jump Manual is an e-book that’s written in PDF format for download. The ebook contains step by step information that includes:

  • the science of jumping
  • how to fix jumping form to improve vertical
  • stretching exercises and pre-workout training
  • main jumping and training exercises
  • post-workout sessions

It’s an all-around course that fixes overall strength as well as jump explosiveness.

Here’s a short explanation of the content from Jacob Hiller, the Jump Manual’s creator.

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How Many Inches will You Gain in 12 Weeks?

That’s the question everyone wants to know. You can gain as much as 10 inches, though that will really take hard work and dedication to get those results. That’s a lot and definitely not a sure thing. But here are a few things I learned about the program that can help you add as many as 10 inches to you jumping ability.

  1. Make sure you follow the program as is. This is a complete program that works, don’t mess with it. Don’t be like that guy who goes to the gym, asks a trainer for a program, does it and then adds more reps or does more exercises. That’s a no-no. It sounds like it works but it actually is harmful.
  2. The reason I mention point 1 above first is because while doing the program I noticed one thing. You don’t get stronger or jump higher while you do the exercises. It is when you rest and recover. So doing more reps you’re not giving your body time to recover to get stronger. The rest times is when the body rebuilds muscles, so give it that time.
  3. Another reason for this is that the increase in my jump didn’t come in any uniform fashion. After week 1 there was nothing, but close to the end of week 2, a nice 2.5 inch increase. That got me motivated to continue. The results are not linear and they come at different times, so it is very important to trust the program and do it as is.


Things I Learned

How To Jump HigherIn this review I’d also like to mention a few things I learned so that should you decide to try the program you will be aware of things you shouldn’t take for granted while doing the exercises.

  • The most important thing I learned with the Jump Manual is that you need to continue to challenge yourself. I learned this as the program specifically specified that you need to increase the weight you used over time. It is called progressive resistance. That’s the only way your body improves in performance.
  • Jumping is not just about your legs. To prove this, have you seen fat guys you could jump? The reason for this is it’s about overall strength. I’m thankful for the jump manual because it got me to jump higher but also improved my conditioning, made me stronger and strengthened my core muscles.
  • Eat properly. Another thing pointed out in the program is eating right. Nutrition is very important and you should get the proper amounts to get strong but not fill yourself up with junk food. It includes pre-workout and post-workout things to do. Eating right helps fuel your body. Eating wrong deters the gains.
  • Avoid Over Training. When you get the manual there are specific exercises to do and number of sets and reps to do them. Do what’s prescribed and then get your rest. Don’t add more exercises or do more reps. You will overtrain yourself. When this happens you will see lower gains. I learned this valuable lesson earlier. Overtraining also makes you susceptible to injury since your body hasn’t fully recovered and you’re making the muscles work again. That’s why most injuries in the NBA happen in the second half of December, January and onwards. In the beginning they’re rested enough but as the season goes the tight scheduling of games doesn’t allow their bodies to recover enough making them vulnerable to getting injured.

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So do I think this is an effective program to increase jumping ability. My answer is yes. I got results I was happy with and was able to finally get big gains after years of trying. I’ve also looked around and noticed that a lot of other people have gotten good results from it. Of course as you’d expect everyone’s results are different this is why I wanted to make some of the points above when I was making the review. Focus, dedication and attention to the details mentioned in the manual are needed otherwise you may not get the full potential of the program. For more, see our best jump training program choices.


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