Vert Shock Review and Results

Folker System Vert ShockAfter a while of looking at different jump higher programs, you get a sense of which ones have a chance of working and which ones are a waste of time. I can say that because I’ve gone through a tone of useless ones more than I would like to admit. One that caught my eye just recently is the Vert Shock system.

The reason that the Vert Shock program caught my eye and then review is that unlike the many other programs that don’t work and make you jump thousands of times this one was created and used by actual elite level basketball players.

The creator of the program is Adam Folker who played his collegiate ball with UC Irvine in the NCAAs. This is a Division I player sharing secrets he has learned over the years. As if that’s not enough, there’s also Justin ‘JUS Fly’ Darlington who uses his program.

Who in the world is Justin Darlington? That’s what I though at first. Then I went to YouTube and my jaw just dropped. The guy definitely got hops. He’s just 6’4” but his head goes above the rim each time. Here’s just one of many YouTube videos where he displays his leaping and dunking ability.

Now I know that I wasn’t going to be anywhere close to doing any of those things barring a miracle of some kind, but it definitely got me interested enough to at least take a look.


Vert Shock Results and Review

I spent 8 weeks doing this program and gained a shade under 8 inches in my jump in total. I wasn’t expecting much because over the past 3 years I’ve already tried two other systems that were able to improve my jump. Yes, I started with a really pathetic 14 inch vertical back then. I was fat and out of shape but loved basketball.

I was actually surprised that it was still able to increase my jump since I thought I already got stuck after the two other successful jump training programs I did in the last 3 years. Usually you get diminishing returns since you start maximizing the use of your muscles.

But I guess the change in type of training and different exercises made the difference. This made me understand why trainers keep changing up the training programs so you don’t end up hitting a plateau and stop making gains.

Just like I’ve said before, don’t try to be a hero and add to the program. I’ve also seen some people mix two different programs thinking they create a better program. That does not work! Don’t do that you will probably end up wasting your time and making fewer gains.

It is important to follow the program since it works. But make sure you dedicate time and do it for the entire duration. Don’t skip days.

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A Closer Look What to Expect

  • For me, the major difference between Vert Shock and the other jump programs comes down to two points. One is you don’t need to do tons and tons of jumping here. Older systems make you keep jumping which if done incorrectly or too much could end up with tendonitis or jumper’s knee. The other point I particularly like is you don’t have to use heavy weights. This lets you workout without needing a gym or buying weights to use the program.
  • The program is based on two main types of workouts. One is plyometrics which builds the leaping ability and also the explosiveness off the ground. The other is bodyweight exercises. This makes it safer than using heavy weights like squats specially if you don’t know how. Also it is safe for those who are still growing since you aren’t putting big weights that may stunt growth for those still getting taller.

Vert Shock Program

  • Overall, this is an 8 week program so you should expect faster results. Many other systems will span from 8 to 12 weeks, some even longer. I like that it was shorter so your muscles don’t overwork. The 8 weeks are divided into 3 phases, which are the pre-shock phase, shock phase and post-shock phase. They breakdown like this:

* Pre-shock Phase Workout – starts you up and gets you prepared by getting your body ready for the exercises. This phase of program spans 7 days.

* Shock Phase Workout – this comprises the bulk of the jumping training. You do the exercises here and this will be the section that will increase your vertical jump. Six of the total 8 weeks are spent here.

* Post-Shock Phase Workout – is the finishing part where you put all the things together. It lets your muscles synthesize the work you’ve done over the past 7 weeks. This also lasts 7 days.

  • One of the best things I like about Vert Shock are how they explain the exercises. In other programs you get a booklet and images. Here, they have step by step videos of the exercises. This makes it easy to learn how to do the movements properly.

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Vert Shock Review Summary

Unlike some of the jump higher systems I’ve tried this one was actually fun to do and I recommend it to those looking for a short 8 week program for jumping. It wasn’t as tasking because there were no weights so you recover faster. The real difference with Vert Shock and other programs at least for me is it felt very efficient. You aren’t bombarded with loads and loads of exercises ranging from jumping, weights and other things. It is short and gives you results. This along with the Jump Manual are our top picks.

Vert Shock Jump Training


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