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Vertical Jump Bible manual


UPDATE: after a few more months and analyzing the different jump programs, I can safely say that our top picks are the Vert Shock system, and the Jump Manual


The Vertical Jump Manual definitely works well, but because it heavily relies on heavy weights and lifting, you may end up getting a bit bulky for basketball, which is why we prefer the two mentioned above.


My Introduction to the VJB

A while after using the Jump Manual with good results, I got to play with a guy that did some crazy dunks. Yes he was taller than me about 4 inches making him a good 6’4” tall but he did some really awesome dunks during the game that made me ask him how he got there. He just smiled and said look up the Vertical Jump Bible.

Of course when I got home I quickly looked it up and couldn’t wait to try it. So now comes reviews of this jump training program.


Kelley Baggett, Vertical Jump Bible Creator

This is quite an interesting program because it comes from a guy named Kelley Baggett. I didn’t know who he was at first but quickly realized that he trained elite athletes who wanted to improve their sports performance. His specialty is improving your speed and jumping ability. By speed, I mean for guys who run track or football players who want to improve their 40 yard times. He also focuses on jumping ability.

The main difference between him and the programs I’ve tried before was he’s an actual professional trainer who deals with elite athletes. And if you try out the Vertical Jump Bible program you’ll quickly notice that he explains everything very thoroughly and goes into the science of things. Reading through you’ll realized that it’s very well researched and written like how a fitness trainer would.

The thing that caught my eye quickly was how high Kelley Baggett jumped. This was the actual program he used to increase his vertical from 23 inches all the way to a whopping 42 inches. And he has the picture to prove it.

Kelley Baggett Jump Higher

Verticle Jump Bible Results

The program itself is based on many different programs. That’s because it will depend on what fitness level and experience you have. He makes routines for those just starting, those who’ve had some training and also intermediate and advanced athletes. The one I tried was the 12 week program. After this time I’m happy to review that my vertical leap increased by 5 inches. This made me very excited. It goes to prove that working hard pays off.

I’ve tried a number of jump training programs before that didn’t work. And I can tell you that that this one is very professionally written. And because of the large amount of information included you will want to read it very carefully and pay attention to the details. There are a lot of gems hidden inside so don’t be lazy, read it from cover to cover.

I made a mistake of just jumping into the routines section where he describes the plyometric exercises and strength training program to do. This is WRONG! Don’t do what I did. It took me a while before I sat down and slowly read the first parts. This probably took off a few important inches that I could have gained extra because I did some things incorrectly during the first few weeks. I was so in a hurry to try and just started. Don’t follow my example and you’ll get even better results.

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What Does He Teach You Here?

  • The Vertical Jump Bible begins with explanations of the different things that make some people jump higher than others. Some are genetics like the length of your Achilles. Others can be trained.
  • The book then goes further to explain explosiveness which for me is just as important as jumping high. The difference in explosiveness is what make you awe a guy and not another even if they both jump very high. There’s that extra pop and spring. It then explains how to develop this.
  • One of the things I like most is the customizable nature of the Vertical Jump Bible program. I offers, beginner, novice, intermediate and advanced programs for both plyometrics and weigth training portions. This lets you find the fitness level you are in and use that. When you get better, you can use the next program to add to your gains after a rest period.
  • The program uses a lot of plyometrics. This is something a lot of the NBA players use. It gives you that extra bounce off the floor. Read this portion very carefully since this is a very dynamic exercise. Learn how each of the exercises are done and try them out slowly at first. Don’t rush into it because done incorrectly you can twist an ankle, which will prevent you from training. This portion for me is worth gold for anyone looking to improve their jump.
  • There is also the strength training program which will get you stronger. This uses weight lifting as well as some bodyweight exercises. In this section and a bit of the plyometrics, I have a bit of a minor tip for improvement. It would be great if there were more images showing how they are done. For me, I prefer looking at pictures when seeing how some movements are done. It lets me pick it up quicker.
  • Towards the end there’s a ton of knowledge on all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about jumping. Everything from do the jump shoes works, do weight vests or ankle weights work.
  • It also explains the difference between one foot and two footed jumpers. Michael Jordan for example is a one foot jumper, while someone like Dominique Wilkins for example is a two footed jumper. Both can really go up over 40 inches but in different ways.

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Vertical Jump Bible Review Closing Thoughts

This is a cover to cover book that provides you with tons of useful information about what makes you jump higher. After you’ve done the program you can dissect the sections and see which areas are you weaknesses and build those to go up even higher. The Jump Bible uses a good amount of plyometric exercises along with strength training to get you above the rim. Reviews from Kelley Baggett, his students, and now even me show if you dedicate time to it, follow the program you will get good results.

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