Carb Backloading Review

Carb Back Loading ManualWhen you’re trying to build muscle, lifting weights only gets you so far. The other half of the equation depends on how you eat. Often, many individuals spend hours and hours in the gym but neglect proper diet. Its the same for those trying to lose weight.

In our Carb Backloading review here, we take a closer look at John Kiefer’s innovative program that will help you pack on the muscle by understanding how to use carbs to your advantage.

What Is Carb Backloading?

Carb Backloading is a system where use a low carb diet to help you build muscle. Doing so lets you take advantage of how the body synthesizes your food at different times of the day. So instead of just limiting your carb intake all throughout the day there are times when you stay away from them and times where you eat more.

Being able to do this at the proper times lets you gain muscle faster using carbs to your advantage.

John Kiefer and His Carb Backloading Book

The first time I opened the book, it struck me as very professionally written and designed. It is a long book covering over 300 pages and going through all the pages offers valuable information that will help even the novice bodybuilder understand how food intake is very important and how optimizing the different food groups can help you achieve better results when trying to gain weight and muscle.

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The Carb Backloading Meal Plan

The entire meal plan is laid out and explained thoroughly. This are the first few chapters. Also in the earlier sections, Kiefer goes into how our body reacts with certain types of foods. This really helps you understand why carbs can be harmful for someone trying to gain muscle and how you can use it to be helpful.

In this section of our carb backloading review, we breakdown the different sections of the meal plan. This will help achieve better results. The book goes into deeper detail and explains what you eat, what you shouldn’t eat as well. Since this is a s summary review, I’m not going into that as it will take a while.

1. Getting Rid of Carbs to Start

The first step of the program is to get carbs away from your diet. This period lasts for 10 days and sets up your body to be able to work without them. Doing so also makes it learn to become more efficient in using the nutrients that are available to it. The 10 day carb fast lets you burn fat better when you go to the next stages.

2. Low Carb in the Morning

In this program, you will start off mornings by staying away from carbs. This isn’t a problem for those like me who don’t really eat much during breakfast but may take some getting used to if you’re used to having a big breakfast.

Early morning meals should be limited to under 30 grams of carbs. Just as important is you want to take in the good carbohydrates like vegetables. You can eat protein and healthy fats, so this doesn’t mean having to go hungry. The main thing it to stay away from pasta, rice, bread and other carb heavy foods.

3. Eating Right During Training as Well as Pre and Post-Workout

Before getting into your workout get yourself a low carb shake. You want to also stay away from sugary drinks. This will help your muscles work better during the workout.

The Carb Backloading also focuses on eating the right things while you are training and also right after you’ve finished your workout.

It it right after training when you start introducing some carbs into your system. This causes your insulin levels to increase and help your muscles in their growth.

4. Carbohydrate Loading

Half an hour to a hour after training is when you want to load the carbohydrates. The meal plan calls for taking it foods that are high in carbs. You’re free to choose from breads, rice, pasta, pizza and even pastries. While it will be better if you choose the healthier types, refined carbohydrates will do also.

5. Before Going to Bed

Your pre-bedtime meal will be a protein packed meal. You can choose from the common sources of protein like chicken, fish, red meat or pork.

The book goes into a lot more detail and explains each of the stages in detail. It includes the training phase also and what you should do on off days.

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Carb Backloading Review

What We Like

  • We like the fact that there is a lot of information provided and the system is very well laid out. Each of the steps and shown. The why’s of the program are also included so you aren’t just following blindly. It is a very well written and professionally made publication.

What We Don’t Like

  • On the other end, you’ll have to be ready to buy the proper food including protein power for shakes. You’ll also be taking supplements during the entire program which will help your body work well and help you get results in bigger muscles. However, as those who are training know these can get expensive so it isn’t like other programs where you don’t need to spend for the supplements and workout powders.
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