Old School New Body Review

As we grow older getting in shape or staying in fit form gets harder and harder. That’s just how the body works. After a certain age, the ability of our muscles to get toned and stronger isn’t the same as it was during our teens and twenties. Plus, over time our metabolism slows down. This makes losing weight and any extra fat that doesn’t look pleasing harder.

I know this from experience. In less than a year I’ll be hitting my 40th birthday. Over the years, I’ve noticed that keeping the weight off has become harder and harder even as I eat healthy. Before doing regular jogging was enough. But as I got into my thirties this wasn’t the case anymore.

As this happened I kept looking around for something that could help me get back into better shape. The problem was that a lot of the workouts were designed for those who are younger. Many training programs, as you’d expect are designed for those in their twenties and the peak of their physical abilities. It took time and a few useless programs I went though.

One that did get my attention was Steve Holman’s and John Rowley’s Old School New Body program. This was created specifically for those who weren’t happy about their fitness level and how they looked. Also it was designed for individuals who were ages 35 and older.

What is Old School New Body?

male transformationOld School New body is made up of what authors call the F4X plan. This primarily consists of 3 different systems rolled into one. Each of the 3 systems has a specific goal in mind that will ultimately get you to the results that you’re aiming for.

It comes in a pdf book that you can download. The ability to download the book makes it quick to get your hands on it. I also like that it was in pdf format since that makes it easier to print out no matter what kind of computer you are using.

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A Closer Look at the F4X Program

As mentioned, with the F4X program, there are 3 different systems included. These are the lean workouts, shape workouts, and the build workouts.

  1. Lean Phase – the lean phase is a good place to start as it lets you lift using moderate amounts of weights. This can actually be used even after you’ve finished the system since it helps you stay lean at the same time able to help build some muscle.
  2. Shape Phase – when you’re ready to move up, the Shape program will be the next phase of workouts. This is more focused on shaping the muscles. You’ll be doing the exercises thrice a week and the workouts are short to moderate in length giving you the ability to focus on your training and less on the the duration.
  3. Build Phase – this lets you pack on more muscle and build yourself up. The workouts are geared towards getting stronger as well as adding muscle mass. This will let you get bigger if you’re not satisfied with your current size.

Old School New Body Review

What I Like About Old School New Body

  • It was created for my age. Specifically those 35 years old and over. A lot of the other programs had tons of exercises had you do very long sessions. As I got older this wasn’t always the more efficient way as I knew it was a matter of time before I’d get injured if I did those overly long or super high intensity training programs. This one was fit for where I was in life.
  • It worked for me. The system wasn’t super complicated like those seen in others. It was easy to follow and I was able to do the exercises.
  • Each section is divided so you know what phase you are doing and what to expect. This was important for me because I don’t like just following things blindly.

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What I Would Like to See Added

  • It would be great for them to have added information on diet. More specifically, what to eat, what to avoid to eat or how to eat so that you can maximize the results of the training. Food is just as important if not more important when working out so that would be a great addition. I was actually hoping so a section on this so you know how to eat as you get older.
  • Adding instructional videos for the exercises would also be great, specially for those who aren’t into doing exercise or starting out. This show you the proper way on how to perform the exercises. The good thing though is that there’s YouTube so this didn’t become a problem for me.
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